The Olympian Shield


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Mount Olympus was the home of the Greek gods and a symbol of strength and reverence. In this symbol, Mount Olympus is in the shape of a capital Lambda (Λ) which adorned the shields of Sparta. For the Spartans it represented Lacedaemon their geographic home.  For us, the Greek Lambda (Λ) equivalent to the English L, represents Logos, Liberty and Light.  Viewed from above the lambda becomes a “V” revealing our aim of Virtue and Veritas. And the circle in which it resides represents the whole interconnected universe that we are a part of.

The Olympian Shield represents our intellectual Greek heritage, the universe we are a part of, and the ideals we strive for as Stoics

A limited run of this token/charm was created by the Fremont California Stoa.  The extra fifteen are here offered to members of The Stoic Fellowship.

die cast zinc gold brass plated

1 inch size
The matte finish